Shaving Itchy Beard

Two Ways to Stop Your Beard From Being So Itchy

Wearing a beard is no longer just a statement, it’s a fashion statement! According to Craig the Barber of, that fashion statement comes with a price! All you beard growers know what I’m talking about.

Remember those long days of trying to ignore how itchy your face felt in the beginning? Well, it’s safe to say that if you want to grow a beard you’ll get this itch, at some point. The reason is simply due to the prickly ends of your beard hairs curling back onto your skin and irritate the heck out your face! But no need to worry.

Here are 2 few quick tips to get your face feeling itch free in minutes!

  1. Scratch it back! – Keeping your face free of dead skin cells keeps the face from feeling dry and irritated which can oftentimes lead to your face feeling itchy. I like to opt for the 1-2 punch- a face wash and exfoliant in one that is mild enough to use daily and it keeps my face feeling super clean!
  2. Soften it up! – Guys in general are pretty inconsistent when it comes to using a moisturizer, especially the one who choose to grow beards. A moisturizer or even a beard oil aids in keeping the skin moist so dryness that leads to itching doesn’t kick in. And it also softens the hairs a bit so their bite is less effective.


Photo by Drew Hays / Unsplash

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