Rooney Badger Shaving Brush

Head Shave with a Rooney 1/1 Shaving Brush

Razor: Muhle 2011 R41
Blade:  Personna Crystal+
Prep: Hot shower & RazoRock Shave Gel
Lather: Body Shop Maca Root Shaving Cream
Brush: Rooney 1/1
Aftershave: Speick Splash followed by Every Man Jack balm
Notes:  First time with two new shaving items – Rooney 1/1 shaving brush and RazoRock Shave Gel. I also revisited the first ever double edge razor blade I used – Crystal+ from Personna. The RazoRock Shave Gel laid down a nice hydrating layer of olive oil and shaving cream. I followed it with Maca Root Shaving Cream. The new Rooney brush was also great. From what I’ve read, the Rooney brush will get even better as the tips break-in over time.

After lathering, while I was shaving one side of my face, the lather did collapse on the other side. So I had to keep reapplying shaving cream. But once applied, it created a great cushioning lather. I’m uncertain as to why the Maca Root lather kept collapsing. I’ll try re-using Maca Root on the next shave with Lucky Tiger Molle as my pre-shave to rule out any issues Maca Root may have with the olive oil in the RazoRock gel.
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