Bull Mastiff Double Edge Razor

Bull Mastiff XXL from Bob’s Razor Works

I’ve worked with Bob a few a times in the past – including being the first to suggest and commission that Bob refit a Gillette Knack with one of his trademark Bull Mastiff handles. Bob has always made amazing heavyweight handles – ones I prefer on my razors. So when I discovered the XL handle he made for me last year is only tapped in “imperial” and won’t fit my new Muhle R41 head, Bob offered to re-tap it for me. But instead I chose get an XXL handle, which about 1/3 of an inch longer than my previous XL handle. This time he tapped it to work on both imperial Gillette heads and metric European ones like Muhle and Edwin Jagger.

I received this handle on Friday and already took it for a spin on my Friday night Head Shave of the Day.The handle itself is made of brass and then plated in brilliant chrome. It has fantastic knurling for a very sure grip even with soapy hands. The bottom has a removable weighted screw-knob with a magnet on it. This magnet can be used to pick up razor blades off of bathroom sinks and counters without needing to slide them off the edge. And the bottom knob makes a great pinky-rest as well, which is specially useful when shaving the back of my head. The length and heft of this handle definitely takes 3-piece razors to whole another level!

Who Will Like It: Those who prefer hefty razor handles.

Who Will Not Like It: Those who like lighter razor handles.

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