Art of Shaving Sandalwood Soap

Art of Shaving – Sandalwood Shaving Soap

When tallow is only of the first ingredients in any soap, you know you’re in for copious amounts of great lather and incredible amount of slickness. And that’s exactly what Art of Shaving’s soaps provide. They’re still made with, what is now ultra-rare among manufacturers, sodium tallowate.

In an era of political correctness, this beef fat derived ingredient is becoming increasingly difficult to find in soaps as most manufacturers switch to vegetable fat at the expense of shaving goodness. Kudoas to AOS for still maintaining this traditional ingredient.

So how does the soap perform? It’s absolutely one of the best shaving soaps out there – on par with the likeness of Tabac and Mitchell’s Wool Fat. And the Sandalwood scent is the best in business. While most other sandalwood scents smell very synthetic, the AOS soaps smell very natural and authentic. Once you master the art of lathering soap pucks, AOS soaps, be it Sandalwood or one of the other scents, should be a permanent fixture in anyone’s shaving rotation.

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